Ausland Rent a Car is responsible for the personal data that it collects for itself, which are described below, respecting the right of privacy and the self-determination of people.

Ausland Rent a Car collects and treats the following personal information in a lawful manner:
Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Photo, Date of Birth and Marital Status, as well as Likes and Preferences.

As long as you do not express any objection at the moment you provide us with your personal data directly or express your opposition later in our media described in the previous section, just send us in free writing expressing your desire to revoke us at any time your consent. If you express your opposition, your data will be removed from our database.

We appreciate your trust in us and we promise that the personal information entrusted to us will be protected to the maximum extent possible. The personal information you provide to us will be treated in compliance with all the provisions set forth in this Privacy Notice.